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1. How do I get one of your turbans?

In our online shop

We are busy sewing and regularly fill our online shop. It's worth checking out the website every now and then.

You can always stay up to date with our latest creations via Instagram .


2. Do you have a shop?

No, we don't have a shop. However, we have found an apartment that is connected to our magical studio “Trulla Traum”. This is where we make our turbans. Here you can try on our designs, collect your orders and browse for fabrics to make.

You can find us at Herrfurthstraße 24 in 12049 Berlin Neukölln. Please write to us in advance to make an appointment: turbantrullas@web.de

Under events we list our “open studio days” where you are welcome to stop by and try things on.

3. What are your prices made up of?

Our creations have a fair price for high-quality products handmade in Berlin, which have been upcycled from carefully selected materials. With a lot of love and passion.

Because, that The days when we could sell our turbans for 15 euros at the flea market are (fortunately or unfortunately) over. We have grown, have our own studio, pay sales tax, have supporting seamstresses, as self-employed people of course pay health insurance and income tax, operate our paid online shop, need accounting programs, etc.

To briefly make the whole thing transparent for you: Ultimately, we have a profit of 6-10 euros per piece.

4. Who sews your products?

We sew most of our goods ourselves.

However, since the demand for our products is increasing, freelance seamstresses are now supporting us. Everything is handmade with love in Berlin.

If you live near Neukölln and are interested in sewing for us, please send us an email to turbantrullas@web.de

5. Which size fits me?

We offer turbans for every head size and hair density. Unless there is a special note in the item description, the turban will be of average head size. In general, the fabrics we use are stretchy and therefore provide some flexibility.

So that you can measure, here are the fits of the adult turbans:

  • Size S corresponds to a head circumference between 52-54 cm
  • Size M corresponds to a head circumference between 55-57 cm
  • Size L corresponds to a head circumference between 58-60 cm
  • Size XL corresponds to a head circumference between 61-63 cm

For baby turbans, the appropriate head circumference is always noted in the item description.

6. How does shipping work?

After payment, we will ship your TURBANTRULLAS creation as quickly as possible. This is usually within 2-3 working days. For tailor-made special requests, the preparation for shipping will of course take a little longer. Typically 1 to 2 weeks.

You can decide for yourself whether we should send it insured via Hermes (4.95 euros) or something cheaper, but uninsured, as a letter for 2.75 euros or as a priority letter (3.85 euros) with Deutsche Post.

If you choose the uninsured option, we will not be liable if something is lost in the post.

As soon as you received an email from us that your order was on its way to you, we sent it off. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait and see. Please refrain from asking early questions.

If the delivery takes place to a non-EU country such as Switzerland, customs duties, taxes or fees may have to be paid by the customer, however not to the provider, but to the responsible customs or tax authorities there. The customer is advised to check the details with the customs or tax authorities before ordering.

7. How do you pack?

To protect the fabrics during transport, your order will be wrapped in tissue paper. In our case, the tissue paper is not newly produced. It is created as a waste product by a local textile manufacturer.

Our shipping packaging is either reused or from the sustainable cardboard manufacturer Bio-Biene.

We only use paper adhesive tape to seal.

8. Is shipping abroad possible?

Yes, we also ship to other EU countries and Switzerland. If you come from another country, simply write us an email with information about which items you want and where they should go. We will then take care of everything else. Our email is turbantrullas@web.de

9. What is meant by upcycling?

Our items are all upcycled from old textiles and surplus materials. This means that we breathe new life into old shirts, sweaters, curtains, etc. by sewing them into a new, great turban, etc.

Because the most sustainable material is the one that has been around for a long time!

10. What are the advantages of upcycling?

Upcycling extends the life of textiles. By using existing textiles, resources are conserved and regional textile cycles are used.

In addition, the textiles are second-hand and have been washed several times, so that questionable dyes and other chemicals have already been washed out. This is particularly important for sensitive baby skin.

11. Where do your fabrics come from?

We want to close regional material cycles and come back to very different sources. We source the majority of our textiles from the Berlin City Mission textile port. Clothing donations from private individuals, leftover fabrics, leftovers from clothing swap parties, clothing from neighborhood shops or flea markets are also possible.

Of course, we make sure that the textiles are in good condition and wash them thoroughly before processing.

There is also the option for you to give us or send us items of clothing/textiles and we will conjure up something beautiful for you.

We are very happy about donations of suitable materials. Please don't just send us fabrics, but rather clarify with us in advance by email whether the textiles are suitable. Elastic sweaters and shirts are best for us.

12. Returns and Exchanges

Our creations are meant to be worn. If you are not happy with the items you ordered, you can of course return them up to 14 days after purchase.

We take feedback very seriously. Please write us a short email to turbantrullas@web.de stating which item you would like to return and why, so that we can initiate the further procedure.

We cannot cover the costs for return shipping.

We at TURBANTRULLAS want to make a sustainable contribution to climate protection and avoid unnecessarily increasing CO2 emissions. Shipping routes increase CO2 emissions - that's why we want to keep the number of returns as low as possible.

Please think carefully about which item you really want and do not order several items knowing that you will want to send something back anyway.

If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

Personal items cannot be exchanged.

13. Do you pay attention to nature and environmental protection?

Yes, environmental protection is an important concern for us. Our planet is flooded with textile waste. Therefore, the majority of our items are made from old clothes, fabric scraps and other textiles that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

14. Which social projects do you support?

We think it's crazy how much money is made from chemoturbans. We therefore make a turban free of charge for people with cancer who are suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy.

We are happy when we can give joy (of life) with our unusual turbans. Please feel free to write to us if you are affected yourself.

15. Are your TURBANTRULLAS creations vegan?

We clearly reject newly produced wool or silk. In our opinion, animals simply do not exist to be abused for our clothing. The practices used to obtain wool, cashmere and silk are morally unacceptable to us.

Our creations are upcycled from old clothes and fabric scraps. We also process clothing made from wool, cashmere or silk. Since these are not specially newly produced textiles and the material would otherwise end up in the trash, we see this as an extension of its life cycle and can offer this with a clear conscience.

16. What materials are your creations made of?

The materials used are always elastic so that they adapt well to the head. We mainly try to use natural textiles. If we know the material, we will note this in the product information under the article. However, due to our upcycling philosophy, precise knowledge of the material is sometimes not possible.

17. Can you wash the turbans?

One thing in advance: It is not necessary to wash the turban after purchase, as the fabrics used have already been washed several times and therefore there will be no chemical residues. We wash the fabrics thoroughly before processing and use odorless organic washing powder from Frosch.

If you do get your item dirty, it's best to wash it carefully by hand and then let it dry flat on the heater or on a drying rack.

18. What to do if the wire of my wire trulla has slipped back?

You can simply pull it straight again so that the wire reaches all the way to the end at both ends.

19. Is turban-wearing “cultural appropriation”?

One thing in advance: We find reflections and debates on cultural appropriation important and useful. There is often a fine line between appropriation and cultural appreciation.

We are all the more pleased that our turbans are so positively received by so many different people and seen as a sign of appreciation. Our turbans stand for interculturality, positive energy and joy of life.

Occasionally, however, it appeared (from white people ) in conversations the buzzword of cultural appropriation. We researched this, thought about it a lot and asked ourselves the question: Are we discriminating against another culture by wearing our turbans?

It is clear that turbans have a history that goes back thousands of years. They existed and still exist in many different areas and in countless versions around the world. In fact, today it is difficult to trace where turbans first appeared. There is therefore no “turban ownership claim”. Just as culture cannot belong to anyone. We think it's beautiful how cultures influence each other and are always changing.

When we developed our pattern, "turban" was the most accurate description for our special design. It is important to us not to have any religious or special cultural reference and not to imitate a particular religious form of the turban.